Touching Love Stories on
The Issues of
Discrimination and Religions

Poetry 1

Fang Yin’s Handkerchief

/1/ She looked at the handkerchief again, no longer white; past thirteen years. Matches in hand, ready to burn her became ashes of the past. However,...


Poetry 2

Romi and Yuli from Cikeusik

/1/ Juleha was her name, a real Batavian. Yuli her calling as a teenager - And she likes it. On the praying mat Yuli was still sobbing. 3:00 a.m. at...


Poetry 3

Minah Stay to Beheaded

/1/ I hold the beads Always. This beads is so wet By my tears Always. My hands and lips are shaking Kissing it Always. Oh God, please forgive...


Poetry 4

The Forbidden love of Batman and Robin

/1/ It has been three times Amir woke up after midnight: At 2:00 a.m. in the morning He covered his wife with a blanket He kissed her forehead. He...


Poetry 5

The Dried Flower of Farewell

/1/ On the gravestone of her husband She scattered jasmins and cananga. While recited the prayer The woman called Dewi. Drugged by pain She begged...



The Issue of Discrimination in Puisi Esai

“We’re in Indonesia, not in America. Here religion is above everything including adolescent love.” “Come Yuli, magic of my heart. Tell me love will conquer all.” These are two excerpts...



One Short Piece on Five Long Poems

—Sutardji Calzoum Bachri, Poet

Poetry does not merely contain the poetic. It also contains stories, attitudes, opinions, arguments, essays. The verses of Rendra, TS Eliot, and...


Understanding Denny JA’s Poetic Essays

—Sapardi Djoko Damono, Poet

When Denny JA sent his long verses, something made me very interested to submit the problems: what on earth is the connection between poetry and...


Facing Discrimination with Poetry

—Ignas Kleden, Cultural Critic


Poetic licence and the ambivalence of poetry are facilities that allow people to come to poetry bringing...


About Author

Denny JA was born in Palembang on January 4, 1963. He has led hundreds of social science research projects through the Indonesian Survey Institute. He has a Ph.D. in Politics and Business History...


Comments figures

—Sutardji Calzoum Bachri, Poet

—Sapardi Djoko Damono, Poet



Video 1

Sapu Tangan Fang Yin (Putu Wijaya)

Video 2

Romi dan Yuli dari Cikeusik (Fatin Hamamah – Sujiwo Tejo)

Video 3

Minah Tetap Dipancung (Sutardji Calzoum Bachri – Putu Wijaya)

Video 4

Cinta Terlarang Batman dan Robin (Ine Febriyanti – Putu Wijaya)

Video 5

Bunga Kering Perpisahan (Niniek L Karim – Putu Wijaya)

Video 6

Video Workshop dan Berita

Video Opini

Video Opini Aneka Tokoh Atas Puisi Esai Denny JA


Lomba Review Puisi Esay Karya Denny JA

Hadiah total: Rp 100 juta Ketentuan Lomba. Tulis review Anda tentang puisi esai karya Denny JA yang dimuat di buku “Atas Nama Cinta” Anda hanya menulis review satu dari lima judul puisi esai di...